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The Geneva Deception

The Mona LisaThe Apollo ivory mask
The Apollo ivory mask is one of the world's rarest and most important looted antiquities. A unique life-size ivory head of Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, it is from a fifth century BC statue.

Theft of the Mona LisaCaravaggio's Nativity
The Nativity remains one of the most famous unrecovered stolen paintings in the world. It is listed by the FBI as one of its top ten art crimes and they have estimated its value at $20 millione

Tomb Robbing
Tomb-robbing has been called the world's second oldest profession.


The Gilded Seal

The Mona LisaThe Mona Lisa
La Gioconda. La Joconde. While some may debate its rightful name, few would question that Da Vinci’s masterpiece is today the most famous painting in the world

Theft of the Mona LisaTheft of the Mona Lisa.
Read about the theft, the search and the return of the Mona Lisa

The Art of The Gilded Seal

See and learn about some of the other exquisite works of art referred to in The Gilded Seal


The Black Sun

The Hungarian Gold TrainThe Hungarian Gold Train
In December 1944, as the Third Reich entered its final death throes, Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Final Solution, ordered a train to be prepared

The Black SunThe Black Sun
Discover Wewelsburg Castle, spiritual headquarters of the SS and home to the infamous symbol of the Black Sun

The Art of The Black SunThe Art of The Black Sun
See and learn about some of the exquisite works of art referred to in The Black Sun


The Double Eagle

The History of the Double EagleThe History of the Double Eagle
Read about the incredible true story of the 1933 Double Eagle - seventy years of intrigue, rumour and deception

The 1933 Double EagleThe 1933 Double Eagle
See photos of the 1933 Double Eagle and learn about its design amd how it came into being

The Art of The Double Eagle. The Art of The Double Eagle

See and learn about some of the exquisite works of art referred to in The Double Eagle