The Gilded Seal

The Gilded Seal
The Gilded Seal

The Plot

Seville. Holy Week.

As hooded penitents march their shimmering floats through the cobbled streets, a man runs for his life, determined to keep a secret that has lain hidden for 200 years. When the end finally comes it is slow and agonizing, his attackers crucifying him to a door.

Vowing to avenge his friend’s death, former art thief Tom Kirk abandons his enquiry into the theft of a priceless Da Vinci and begins his own investigation into the gruesome murder. The evidence points to Milo, an old rival with a sadistic streak whom Tom discovers is about to commit the most audacious heist in history.

Meanwhile in New York , the stakes have never been higher for Special Agent Jennifer Browne, as her supposedly low-key forgery case threatens to explode into a scandal that strikes at the heart of the global auction business. With the bodies piling up around her and an unscrupulous tabloid reporter dogging her every move, she follows a lead to Paris, where a chance meeting brings her face to face with Tom.

Realising that both cases are connected, Tom and Jennifer find themselves swept into a conspiracy that dates back to Napoleon and survives in a series of coded messages concealed by the Emperor himself. Messages leading to a secret so shattering that some are prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure the truth is never revealed. A secret that lies deep inside the Paris catacombs and amidst the pulsating streets of Havana.

A secret that brings death in its wake.

Learn more about the history, art and places behind the novel

The Mona Lisa
Da Vinci’s masterpiece, probably the most famous painting in the world!

Heists & Cons
The central plot of The Gilded Seal is constructed around and inspired by real life crimes.

Theft of the Mona Lisa
Read about the theft, the search for and the return of the Mona Lisa

The Napoleon Death Mask
Upon his passing, a death mask or mould of Napoleon’s face was made.

The Paris Catacombs
A 300 km (186 mile) network of subterranean tunnels and rooms stretching under Paris.

Works of Art
Pictures and information on some of the works of art from The Gilded Seal.

Photo Gallery
Pictures of some of the key places referred to in The Gilded Seal.